White Rabbits live at Union Transfer, Philadelphia

I’d first seen White Rabbits at Daytrotter’s brilliant Barnstormer5 tour when it rolled into Akron, Ohio last summer. It was the perfect summer evening event with five bands sharing the spotlight, and each equally but uniquely dominating the stage. When White Rabbits arrived (and I was several delicious beers in) I found myself temporarily putting down my camera (I only caught one photo). Not because I wasn’t enjoying them, but so that I could really soak in the show. White Rabbits filled the air with a thick electric blanket of sound as they lived up to the ol’ barnstormer name.

Of course I kicked myself later on and wished that I had gotten more photos that night. When I heard they were playing in Philly this week, I made sure Ady was going to be there, and that she would take photos. She was, and she did. Always ten steps ahead of everyone, a working professional who had already put in a 10 hour work day prior to arriving at the venue, she did it all half in her pajamas (anyone at the show catch a girl with a camera in a pajama top mostly hidden by a grandpa sweater? That was Ady). More words from her about the show to follow very soon, but for now you can check out the amazing set she captured and documented with her lens. Wish I coulda been there, too.

View the full photo set of White Rabbits at Union Transfer 3-6-2012 via Flickr.

White Rabbits 001White Rabbits 002White Rabbits 005White Rabbits 012White Rabbits 015White Rabbits 018

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