Sisters Dissonance is the collaborative effort between Ady and Shan and is something akin to but not quite a music zine, a travelogue, a photography/art publication, and an archival home base for their joint projects.  They are—in the words right out of their own mouths—Experiential Archivistos (wha?).

Granddaughters of Mackie Wright, upright bass player for the all-girls WW2 era traveling band Freddie Shaffer and The Victory Sweethearts, they blame their wanderlust traveling tendencies, music addictions, and strong need to keep busy creatively on their late grandmother (she’d be proud), and channel these efforts into Sisters Dissonance (formerly known as Two Sisters and a Show).

In addition to their various collaborative projects that erupt randomly, whenever Ady and Shan meet up for their SisDiss travels they set out with an eye to explore towns and seek out local eateries for food and drink and culture, as well as a show or two—here are their gambols, their song, their merrymaking!

Upon returning to “the real world” the resulting photos, video, artwork inspired by their exploration, and various other artifacts from their nomadic episodes are then shared here. All content within this site subsequently is 100% their own—their photos, video, commentary, and artwork (unless otherwise noted, such as video posts in the Now Listening sections)—to give you a one of a kind glimpse into the events from their perspective.

Shan (CLE-based) is Ady’s sister. She’s a freelance writer, artist, middle grade author (the Kellandale Wood series), and creator of imaginary superhero costumes (or at least one of them). She has been creator/writer/editor to music and art related ‘zines since the days when typewriters and photocopy machines were the primary mode of creation. She takes care of most of the writing and tech-related duties for Sisters Dissonance and draws all over things when she can get away with it. She’s also obsessed with cilantro, outer space, and the slickrock canyons of Utah.  She covets her Faber-Castell India ink pens (sometimes too much) and is author of the collaborative project blog Mental Beans! and co-creator of Mondo Instante, the global, single moment in time, coordinated photography project established in 2010, that is housed on that archived website. Her alter ego is the culinary villain known as The Overbaker.

Ady (PHL-based) is, if you can’t guess it, Shan’s sister. When not working her “real” job she can be found behind the lens at a show, and is Sisters Dissonance’s principal photographer. It is important that you know that her favorite color is green, and she is stealthily building her camera lens arsenal. She is also a seasoned ceramicist and is able to switch gears in a single bound. She has grown very adept at ducking into coffee shop restrooms wearing her day-profession attire and emerging quickly as the amazing pastry-baking, live music photograph-taking super hero, Super Sweets.