Photo | Felice Brothers @ Trocadero, Philadelphia May 2013


More photos by Ady from this set will be released in the next few days here on


The Felice Brothers Philadelphia Trocadero 5-16-13

You know one of those nights where you almost didn’t do something, and then you’re very glad you did?

Long standing plans had me penciled in and heading to the Trocadero to see The Felice Brothers and Josh Ritter, an unexpected yet welcome combination of good and fun. The past FB show in Delaware I was unable to go to, so I made a point to get to the Troc to see their set. Glad I did– did I say that? After taking some pictures- and I was laughing to myself because I think I confused the other photographer because I was trying to “multitask photograph” (dance and shoot simultaneously- not easy, but I did it). I think I need to invent a word for dance photographing, because I do this often.

And as usual, there is no lens to catch Farley because he moves WAY too fast. Even when he thinks he isn’t moving (I suspect). You can see the full show photo set here.

Looking forward to the shows this summer, and more new music by the Bros. Our Newport Folk Fest countdown is on!