Bright Eyes

Conor Oberst w/Dawes Pittsburgh Carnegie Library Music Hall 5-25-14


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Exit the sun parched
stillness into words bound and
words set free into

open space cascading through
honeycombed rail speaking truths

Upside down Mountain
radiates, a deliverance
from flamingo stance

the sound, soft as fuzz, casts spells,
grabs hold with ferocity

   Renga by: Shan


Conor Oberst Live at Union Transfer Philly 5-21-14



My alarm clock went off at 6:30am this morning. It does everyday. The only difference today was that I had to get up and go to work with very few hours of sleep and it’s Conor Oberst’s fault. Late nights don’t happen much on work nights anymore.  Or usually when I do go during the weeknights to take some photos and listen to some music I will leave the venue early to ensure that I have enough rest to face the next day. Last night I couldn’t leave early. I couldn’t leave until I knew I heard every song that was going to be played. At most shows I’ve been to, and believe me I have lost count- it could be in the thousands at this point- people start to thin out the crowd around 11:15 or so. It doesn’t matter who is on the stage people start to leave, that’s a fact. Last night this wasn’t the case. The venue was packed and no one was leaving until the bitter end. In fact, the impatient crowd were stomping in unison for the encore with such passion that I thought we may fall through the floor of the bar.

The awesome melodies, the solid, tidy arrangements played by backing band Dawes, and the precision and crispness of the sound at the sold out show at Union Transfer last night was worth all the tiredness and pain I feel today. If you know me, you know that operating on less than 8-9 hours sleep doesn’t happen. It just doesn’t. And I would do it all over again. I got to hear songs that I never thought I would have a chance to hear live again- or ever for that matter (Method Acting and Hit the Switch). Reaching far back into the catalog for some old Bright Eyes and then stretching all the way over the rainbow to songs that were released as early as Tuesday of this week off of his new solo album Upside Down Mountain. Conor Oberst’s collection as expansive and eclectic as it is blended beautifully last night into a bouquet-set-list that didn’t disappoint one bit. A fully animated show completed my week and it was only a wednesday.

I always say that my ideal day should provide something to make me think, something to make me laugh, and something to help me make my own fun. Last night provided all three in one space. I feel grateful to be able to continually blend my love of music and creativity all in one place. Enough about me. To see more photos from the photo set click HEREImage

Desaparecidos House of Blues Cleveland 10-26-13

I had the honor of photographing Desaparecidos {see the set here} once again at the House of Blues in Cleveland Saturday night, October 26, 2013. If you’ve attended a Desaparecidos, COMVB, Bright Eyes or a Conor Oberst solo show they all have something in common—the sense of family that Conor Oberst brings along with his tours, sharing the good karma that he and his band possess with each opening band that comes along with.  On Saturday night the So So Glos were enveloped in the circle of collective love for music and music making one can feel at these shows, adding even more life and energy into the evening. It occurred to me Saturday that I always take a photograph of the set list, but don’t actually record on paper or in memory the songs that are played. I think my favorite for the night was “Te Amo Camila Vallejo,” along with the brief prologue that accompanied it. AND hell yes, this country does need some brave female politicians in the mix, I would agree with that. Or the truth be told by Conor Oberst during the brief exegesis that ran in between songs, stating the black box labels that I dread hearing about in psychopharmacology: “dry eyes, dry mouth, diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, and sudden death,” you know those nasty side effects that leave people wondering if the ailment they sought to treat is actually better than the ripple effect of what their doctor prescribed. I would have loved to hear more on Conor Oberst’s view on the role of pharmaceuticals in this country at the moment. Oh! I also should not fail to mention the possible zombie attack that I learned about between sets. The poor dude in this photo was bitten by a fan standing behind him when Conor Oberst made his cameo during the So So Glos. Strangest concert injury I’ve heard of yet. And pretty gross, too. It looks SO much better in the photo.

All in all I think my sister Shan has this “making our own fun” thing down to a science. All 5’2.5″ of her was completely content once again to be shook, shoved, swayed, stomped and spilled upon, all for the love. For the love of feeling the energy of the crowd, not resisting, but instead joining them, and most of all just being the positive-person-presence that every rambunctious concert needs!  As always Sisters Dissonance will come out to see their favorites when possible (even when airplanes or 400 miles of driving poses the obstacle) to make the fun we know everyone wishes they could have!





Haiku of the Evening:

Grabbing Praying Hands

Seize fun and the sense of home

With the sound I’m one