Tim Kasher Audio Recording of The Recluse in Philly at Johnny Brenda’s 11-9-13

Sisters Dissonance was fortunate enough to have an audio recording of “The Recluse” live given to us to share from the Tim Kasher show last Saturday.

Hope your ears enjoy, and don’t forget to virtually flick through the photo set (click here) from the night while you listen.


The audio recording was generously provided by Ben Hughes with Night Windows. You can hear an exclusive track from his upcoming release here .

Tim Kasher Johnny Brenda’s Philly 11-9-13


The night was filled with funnies, a fluffy pink tailored shirt, a great full band, some die hard fans, and super fantastic music. Shan will be seeing TK in Cleveland on 11-11-13 at the Grog, I can’t help but wonder if she will see the blue fluffy shirt there Monday night.

Tim Kasher has yet to disappoint me with an album or a live show (see photo set here). His energy and attitude is always a perfect match for the crowd he is in front of, wiling to engage, and be spontaneously (typically spontaneously funny). There was a great balance of old and new songs, Cursive, The Good Life, solo stuff. Our set had a smattering of it all. Saturday night was the first time I saw Tim play the keys, though I know he can. I’m waiting to one day see him on the accordion live. I would be bereft if I didn’t mention the bass player, Sara Bertuldo- I always love to see women tearing up the stage every bit as much as a man playing lead guitar. In fact, Tim’s whole band brought Johnny Brenda’s stage to life Saturday.

Laura Stevenson opened for Tim and his band again, it was actually my third time seeing her play live. First in 2011 when she opened for Tim (see the archived post here), and again when she opened for The Felice Brothers in 2012 (see the archived post here). She and her band played a great set that engaged the audience, and had both guys and girls singing along. I was impressed by the beauty and power of her voice and how succinct she and her band have become (photo set here) it’s solidly entertaining and moving to watch.

If you’re in Cleveland tonight (Monday November 11, 2013) I recommend you take your butt down to the Grog to see the show. You won’t regret it.

Tim Kasher Johnny Brenda’s Philly

tkcoverSomewhere in the “outskirts” of  Austin, TX – there was an amazing show Tim Kasher played on March 13, 2013. TK joked with the crowd, through funny giggles that he was excited to play this SXSW, hard to get tickets for- secret show in his familiar self-depricating tone. I wonder if he would have rather been in TX on this awesome Wednesday night, or if he was aware of how much the crowd enjoyed his set here in Philly.

This made my third time seeing him (should have been fourth, but illness seems to preempt me whenever he is in town. In fact tonight I could have stayed behind yet again for an illness, but didn’t). I had many thoughts tonight as I always seem to note in my posts. My first thought was that I get to photograph and unbearded Tim Kasher! I made a silly assumption that he was beard-free only because of the promo photo he posted this week with NO beard. “God Damn” his beard grows fast. My sister Shan’s first question by text while I’m pushing through the crowd to settle in to photograph him (see the photo set here)  was, ” Is his beard gone? Is his pirate name rebeard? Why is the first question I’m asking about his beard”? {Insert laughter here}
Tonight, had I been able to interview him like I did back in 2011 after his solo set at Johnny Brenda’s I would have asked him a couple questions, I had a few formulated in my head.
He played many new songs for the crowd, and I was curious about the evolution of his song writing. Words then melody? Melody then words? I am always curious about what went into the song as it was written. Was the writer driving, in the shower, sitting over coffee, dreaming? I especially liked the song he dedicated to Man. I am not a man, but if I were I could see myself oddly identifying with it. Not sure what that reveals about me, and I’m not sure if I care? I loved his glow stick props he shared with the crowd. I caught one with the girl in front of me. We both literally had one end of it each. I let her keep it. She was getting pretty drunk, yea I just thought it was best to let go.

The night ended with an encore, where Tim asked for requests. The man with the loudest lungs got his way and we were graced with “Album of the Year” from his former band, The Good Life (which I bought a ticket to see last year when they weren’t actually playing Philly, but Ticketfly had advertised and sold one to me. I’m still confused by this mystery. And I think my tweet to the universe, “I just got The Good Life  tickets” confused the band also). So, in the middle of the  last song he was without a drummer and he invited someone to play the drum portion from the crowd. No one stepped up at first except to play guitar. Eventually Tim on vocals, and a guitar and drummer from the audience, he was able  to conclude the night singing in the crowd. It was fun, and a great way to spend and end a Wednesday night.

Oh, and  the other thought I had was during his set was, “I wonder if out of the three bearded sets I’ve photographed of his when in Philly– do I have enough Tim drinking beverages to create a montage? There is always a coffee cup, and whiskey cup or two, or three. I might have to put that together.
Thanks for a great show in a great venue, in a great town just outside “Austin”. I feel so lucky to have caught an imaginary private sxsw set without the lengthy, costly travel!
Till next time!

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