Tim Kasher live at Johnny Brenda’s: photos, haiku review and a short interview

divorce was beauty
under spinning disco lights
all drunk together

peter pan on stage
rocking so hard glasses smashed
such a good birthday

Tim Kasher (Cursive) has been on the road touring his recent solo release ‘Bigamy: More Songs From the Monogamy Sessions’ EP and Ady caught him, along with openers Aficionado and Laura Stevenson and the Cans, at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia last night. Of course her camera was by her side, but she was also able to talk to him after the show for a quicker than lightning interview. Here’s how the conversation went.

Ady: Your show tonight was amazing. Do all your shows go this smooth?
Tim Kasher: No, not all of them, but tonight was pretty good.

Ady: When do you think you will be back in Philly again?
Tim Kasher: Maybe in March.

So can I ask you one final question and call this an interview?
Tim Kasher:Yeah!

Ok. If you had a superpower, what would it be?
[no hesitation on Tim’s end, and he stretches his arms out wide]
Tim Kasher: You know how some people want to be all stretchy?

Oh, so you want super stretch powers!
Tim Kasher: No. I want to fly.

Can I quote that?
Tim Kasher: Absolutely.


To view the full set of photos of Tim Kasher at Johnny Brenda’s go here.

Thanks to Nichole for the special Seymour Glassian double-haiku review (and happy birthday!)

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