Red Hot Chili Peppers

Photos | Red Hot Chili Peppers Columbus, OH

I have never been at a Red Hot Chili Peppers show that has been anything less than incredible (and FUN!). As musicians and performers, the Chili Peppers are enchanting—their ability to convey the energy, power and sheer delight that comes from creating and sharing their music is something else.

For this reason, I decided that my camera would remained holstered for the majority of this show. I’d seen a sea of cameras (as well as a 6-foot high dancing chili pepper!) in the audience so I figured the show was being well documented already. I did however find it irresistible to capture a few great moments from Flea, Josh Klinghoffer, and Chad Smith. These photos say it all. (Anthony Kiedis is missing here of course, but the real Sis-Diss photo gal Ady captured a full set from the Philly show in May, so check her post for many more photos).

As always, many many thanks to an amazingly generous friend for the opportunity to experience it all. You know who you are and I hope you know how much you are appreciated. I had a great time with Renee!

Red Hot Chili Peppers – photo set from Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia

I’m fairly certain that it isn’t often one gets the chance to photograph a band as legendary as the Red Hot Chili Peppers. At least it isn’t often that I do!

As I was in the pit setting up to photograph I couldn’t help but be reflective. My first thought was, how can I get the shots I want in just a short three songs (the amount many bands allow photographers to shoot). And then, I wondered what songs I would get.

The band opened with Monarchy of Roses, and my photographing concluded with Scar Tissue. I mentioned to a friend of mine that at one point I was taken from my lens and almost forgot what I was there to do. I was so absorbed into the stage performance that I had put my camera down and stood in awe, just watching. This was the first time I had seen Josh Klinghoffer play as a Chili Pepper and I was impressed—his energy just as frenetic as the next one which I believe is the hallmark of a live Chili Pepper show. I can only imagine you can’t be taught this, and it must be an inherent trait that one possesses in order to sustain a show just like the one I was fortunate enough to see.

So, I was standing there and just watching while they played through Can’t Stop and didn’t realize I wasn’t taking pictures until the photographers were walking on each side of me! OH NO! I need to get back to it; and so I did. It was one of the most fun, and colorful stages I’ve photographed yet. I can only imagine the hard work, effort and planning a show like this requires to put on.

And did I mention the overall vibe of the venue? Everyone was beyond happy? How often do you go to a show where people move out of the way for each other, smile, talk, and share stories about how long they have liked the band, or how they are FAN-atics? It was a great night, and I only wish I could say more, but I will leave it to this photo set to say the rest.

Click here to be taken to the full Sisters Dissonance photo gallery of the Red Hot Chili Peppers at Wells Fargo Center.