Mauch Chunk Opera House

Felice Brothers – live at the Mauch Chunk Opera House 2012

I think I speak for both Ady and I when I say that Jim Thorpe, PA has solidly planted itself at the top of our list of favorite towns to visit together. We were there the for the first time last year when the Brothers blew into town and played the Mauch Chunk Opera House, and we were quickly taken in by the old world charm oozing from its every nook and cranny. The town’s residents welcome their visitors warmly, and when the Felice Brothers arrive it’s as if there is a conspiracy of fun erupting—doors propped open and residents standing at their doorsteps to say hello, music players set on the porch blasting Felice Brothers albums, posters announcing their arrival plastered on every flat surface available—turning the town into one giant welcome party.

We had such a great time during our first visit that I was inspired to work on the illustration Two Sisters and a Tavern when we returned home. After spending many hours working on the illustration back then, I found it disorienting and surreal to be walking around Jim Thorpe once again. The illustration, a semi fact/semi fictitious geographical mash up of places and events, consumed me and became so vivid in my mind during its creation that when I stepped out onto the streets from our hotel room, it seemed that buildings had become displaced (“That shop/bar/tree should not be there! Should it?”).

After my own personal wave of bewildered nostalgia subsided, we headed out and about prepared for our Jim Thorpe adventures that awaited. We traveled there (almost exactly a year later from last year’s show, and this year, no tire blow out!) for the 2012 return with two wonderful friends, Cindy and Kristi, with much anticipation and excitement. We knew (rightly so) that the town would once again turn into the veritable Felice Brothers cheering squad. We tooled around the main drag for several hours before the show before finally tucking into Crave Fine Food & Spirits, a little gem of a tea house/restaurant that also serves spirits and other beverage delights, before we set out to the show, the pinnacle of our trip that involved four friends/two sisters plotting our convergence on a single ultimate destination—Kristi (author of Not That Kind of Groupie) traveling from Dolores, Colorado, Cindy from Brighton, Michigan and me from Cleveland, Ohio to meet up with my sis, Ady, traveling up from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was the perfect trip and reaffirmed what Ady and I knew: Jim Thorpe and the Mauch Chunk Opera House is the best place to see a show—especially when it is the Felice Brothers.

James and Ian Felice of the Felice Brothers live at Mauch Chunk Opera House 6/23/2012

It was everything I had hoped the trip would be, great company traveling to and from, a fun day on the town followed by a fantastic show from the Felice Brothers, who also sung praises for Jim Thorpe and were visibly charged by the audience’s exuberance. A single math equation to sum it all up: Jim Thorpe + The Felice Brothers (@Mauch Chunk) = THE magic combination.

(A little shout out to Meghan and Amy, who we ran into again, always nice to say hello to new friends!)

Full photo set from the Felice Brothers at the Mauch Chunk Opera House 2012 on Flickr

Last year’s show: Felice Brothers Live at Mauch Chunk Opera House 2011 photoset via Flickr

Two Sisters and a Tavern illustration original post – prints available! Please contact us if you are interested!

The Felice Brothers – (non review) Mauch Chunk Opera House, Jim Thorpe, PA

I’ve been sitting on this one because I keep trying to review it and no matter how I slice it, no matter how long I sit here typing and retyping, I have to admit defeat. Pencil down. I’ve been officially and completely swept off my feet and given a 1-2 punch right to the gut by The Felice Brothers and words simply fall short. You just have to be there and see them live. And dance your ass off. And then you’ll want more after it’s all over. They are so completely addicting it’s ridiculous. I think I even might secretly want to BE a Felice Brother. And I’m a girl for cryin’ out loud.

How’s that for a review?

Moving on ever so slightly, I’m now here simply to make good on a promise to share the heap of photos Ady and I took under the guise of Two Sisters and A Show, so over you go to Flickr to over 200 photos, and a video (one that’s not found on youtube) right….here—> The Felice Brothers at Mauch Chunk Opera House 2011.

As always, feel free to share the images amongst your loved ones, but please give credit to Two Sisters.

“Greatest Show on Earth” video footage by Ady:

Speaking of, Two Sisters is starting to morph into an entity of it’s own, we’ve begun tweeting our chronic travels to see live music via a new joint account very recently, if you wish to follow us we can be found at Two Sisters and A Show via Twitter

That is all.

(The video above was shot by another audience member from the opposite side of the stage from where we were…spot the Two Sistas?)

The Felice Brothers, Jim Thorpe, PA 2011

Last time I posted about The Felice Brothers it was to express disappointment I wouldn’t be able to see them again anytime soon. However, things change and last week we made it to the show at the Mauch Chunk Opera House. I have to give thanks to a great friend (erm, you know who you are, Renee) who had been to Jim Thorpe a few times and encouraged me to make the trek there. In the end Ady and I found our way there for another Sisters Dissonance 24 hour trip/town exploration/manic dancing good time last Friday. Consensus all the way around was this was an extraordinary night and I’m so glad we didn’t miss it. Here’s a photo essay thanks to Ady’s new camera.

Christmas / The Felice Brothers live at Mauch Chunk Opera House

View the full Photo set: Felice Brothers live in Jim Thorpe, PA, 2011, a set on Flickr.

Shall I mention the little side adventure that found me back in Jim Thorpe two days later after a tire blew out on the highway on the way back home from Philadelphia to Cleveland? . . . needless to say, I’m home and still reveling in the good times, and in the end the tire debacle will become just a footnote.

Much love to everyone we met in Jim Thorpe, if you’re reading this thanks for making a great trip even greater. I don’t think we’ve ever visited a town where we’ve made so many friends in such a short amount of time.

As for The Felice Brothers live, you’ll read about them all over the place in days to come, I still maintain you have to see them for yourself, words and photos capture but a fraction of their contagious energy.