John McCauley

2013 Newport Folk Festival is on!

We are here in sunny/rainy/foggy/stormy/breezy (depending on what time you’re checking) lovely Newport, Rhode Island! For the past two days we have been soaking up the sights and sounds and even tastes that make up our favorite concentrated three days of non stop music, beautiful music! Newport Folk Festival of course is the star and anchor, but the revelry continues nightly with after shows (this year with Dawes and Friends at Jane Pickens Theater and nightly music hootenannies hosted by the boisterous and oh-so-fun! Deer Tick at the Newport Blues Cafe).

We’ve been documenting our special blend of Sis Diss experiences through images and words that will appear here and via our Twitter and Facebook outlets as well as the days carry on and will be shared soon. Until then, here are a few moments from the previous two days.

Dear Newport Folk Festival, We’ve got a thing for you.

I wasn’t kidding when I tweeted the other day that I couldn’t stop thinking about the Newport Folk Festival after it was all over. There is absolutely no dissonance within the sisters’ opinions here, we both agree the festival brought out the best in every single person that was involved—both on stage and off, behind the scenes and out front watching in a spectator capacity. A total and complete love of the creation, expression and soaking in of music dominated, and the air in Newport was thick with a feeling of good will and love toward one another, which no doubt stems from and is encouraged by those who are behind the festival itself. The love shared is a two way street at the Newport Folk Festival. The fans and the bands love the Newport Folk Festival, and the Festival loves right back.

We are just about ready to release a whole slew of photos from this legendary event, including Deer Tick, First Aid Kit, Jonny Corndawg, Apache Relay and many many more. Stay dialed in to the SisDiss channel for that as well as a recap of our experiences there as we share the love.

Johnny Corndawg, Quad Stage


John McCauley/Deer Tick, Quad Stage


First Aid Kit, Harbor Stage