Nick Lowe – live photoset from the Fillmore, Detroit 2011

Words by Shan, photos by Ady

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we finally present this set of photos Ady took on December 10, 2011 at the historic and very beautiful Fillmore Detroit (a former movie house built in 1925, my favorite kind of venue). Ady was on double duty in the photo pit this night for not only Wilco, but also their much anticipated opener, the legendary Nick Lowe, the spoils of which we now share with you.

Shards of Wooly Willy's beard (aka Nick Lowe's attentive audience)

Lowe was striking, visually as well as musically, and completely captivated the audience. I swear I felt every molecule of every person’s body stand up and give their full attention to his performance the moment he walked onto the stage, as if he were a magnet and we were the metal shards of Wolly Willy’s beard being pulled toward it. His presence was genuine, humble, and genius—a true gentlemen sharing his craft and talent, making us laugh, and visibly enjoying performing for a truly receptive and engaged audience. It was simply perfect. Which, of course was followed by the incredible set by Wilco (you can read about their performance in this post). Wilco/Nick Lowe Detroit, one of the highlights of 2011 (and beyond) for both Ady and I.


View the full photo set of Nick Lowe at the Detroit Fillmore December 10, 2011 via Flickr.

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