Newport Folk Festival

It’s never too early to plan ahead, especially when you are planning for one of the neatest summer events of the year! The Newport Folk Festival.

Last year’s “wishing we had gone” manifested into early planning for this year as soon as the 2012 line up was released. With tight schedules and busy summer plans, Shan and I have found a way to carve out some summer time fun for ourselves! If you haven’t seen the lineup yet, check it out, it’s gonna be great.  Tickets are selling quickly and lodging is going fast (as we found out for ourselves after about 4 hours of consulting, calls and booking). Hope you check it out, and try to make  it. You can  listen to last year’s festival which was filled to the gills with musical greatness, via NPR, to get you fired up!

You can be sure that come July 30 Shan and I will have photos, sketches and some awesome accounts of our time in RI.

Pictured above, Jim James who will be performing at Newport Folk Fest with My Morning Jacket as well alongside Jay Farrar and company as The New Multitudes (Woody Guthrie project) (photo by Ady at MMJ at the Philly Mann Center 2011)

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