Conor Oberst Live in Bethlehem, PA 7-24-12

July 24, 2012– Conor Oberst traveled to “the land Jesus was born in” to play a lengthly solo set that eventually ended with him accompanied by the Band Dawes . Dawes opened the evening, drawing attention and pleasing many. Conor Oberst told the crowd that Dawes will be recording soon, so keep your eye out for something new from these friendly, talented guys (and also keep an eye out for the photographs of their set as well, those are coming soon).

I’ve never been to the Musikfest Cafe, what a neat venue. Facing old steel stacks, the Musikfest cafe provides a beautiful glass window view from floor to ceiling. Quite the ambiance, sun setting, as a band takes the stage. Perfect.

I didn’t write down the set list, I was busy taking photos for the first three songs- and then went to my seat to enjoy music. Happy crowd, smiling faces and several new songs filled the evening.

This is just the beginning of the week for Conor Oberst. He’s slowly making his way over to the Newport Folk Festival this weekend. Sisters Dissonance will also be there covering the fun. Check back this week for more and more and more… This is going to be a great week.

Click here to view the full photo set of Conor Oberst live in Bethlehem. 

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