Trouble Dolls at the Newport Folk Festival! (Have you seen this face?)

The trouble doll you are holding that led you to this site was handmade by either Ady or Shan (or one of their family members). They were listening to a 2012 Newport Folk Festival playlist while making them, to it is infused with some NFF love! Check to see if you are holding the trouble doll pictured below:

Are you holding this trouble doll?

Yes, it’s a Match!

If you are holding this Trouble Doll, congratulations, you are zee winner! You may choose one single 8×10″ print from the Sisters Dissonance collection of original live music photography by Ady (take a gander through our site and any of the images you see may be chosen), or you may choose a print from Shan’s stash of illustrations.

To claim your gift, send a photograph of you holding the Trouble Doll pictured above by August 10, 2012 to both: ady [at] sistersdissonance [dot] com and shan [at] sistersdissonance [dot] com . We will then make arrangements for you to pick a photo print or one of the available gicleé prints of Shan’s illustrations (some of these will be available to pick from).

Nope, it’s not a match.
If you are NOT holding the winning Trouble Doll, don’t worry! You still have a chance to win, except you will have to do a little work first (all in good fun, of course).

Take a photo of the Trouble Doll you picked up while at the Newport Folk Festival. Get creative and have fun as we’ll be picking one winner that stands out and represents trouble dolls/music/and your experiences at the Fest. Send the photo with your name, where you are from (and a sentence or two about your photo if you wish) to the email addresses above by August 10. Winner will also get their choice of an 8×10 photo print from our archives or a giclee print of an original illustration.

Are you at the Newport Folk Festival and reading this, and don’t have a trouble doll? If that’s the case, be on the look out as we will be randomly handing them out to people we meet!

About Trouble Dolls:

“Lee Lee” – (watercolor on Arches coldpress paper) by Shan 2011.

Muñecas quitapenas (Trouble dolls / Worry Dolls) of the type you are holding originate from Guatemala. Traditionally brightly colored and very tiny, they are made from scraps of cloth and splinters of wood. As the folklore goes, if the owner of a trouble doll expresses their fears and concerns to their doll just before bed and places it under their pillow, the trouble doll will take on the worry in their person’s place while they are sleeping, thereby allowing the person to sleep restfully and freeing them from their worries.

As kids both Ady and Shan were given trouble dolls as gifts. Lee Lee, one of Ady’s dolls she “adopted” at a very young age, has attained legendary status within their families. They have never stopped being trouble doll owners. Over the past few years Shan has been painting trouble dolls, and both sisters have been making their own out of cloth and twigs and toothpicks, and teaching friends and family to do the same.


    1. Well thank you, coming from a talented and creative individual like yourself I take that as a compliment! Very sweet about your grandmother. Trouble dolls are perfect objects in my opinion…to make them is a way to destress and relax while being creative, they bring comfort, and they’re so damn cute!


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