Felice Brothers – Helen Fry live at the Chameleon Club

Ady and I met up in Lancaster on Friday for the Felice Brothers show at the Chameleon Club, which was part of the LAUNCH Music Festival that runs through Sunday April 28, 2012. I caught a few videos, including this explosive, incredible version of Helen Fry. I knew (and I think everyone else felt it, too), after the first few notes it was going to explode into something amazing, and it most definitely did!

Word on the street is all of their shows on their current tour have been just as  incredibly high energy as this one…so be sure to check dates to see if they’ll be near you, and if so GO SEE THEM! (Rx from the sisters.)

I’ve got two more to upload as well as a really great photo set captured by Ady that we are working on getting up on this site in the next day or two , so more about the show and links to all of the above coming very soon.

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