Mr. Dream: part 2 – The Grog Shop, Cleveland, Ohio

It’s funny how the boundaries of time and space can sometimes become a blur (pun slightly intended) through music. It sounds odd, but it’s beginning to feel that way. Thanks to our collaboration here, when one of us attends a show without the other, the reality of who is where and when is becoming a little fuzzy anymore. Just under two weeks ago Ady had the pleasure of attending the Mr. Dream show in Philadelphia. She photographed the set and the band after the show, while I prepared an interview from afar (see previous post). I had a hand in her experience, as did she in mine, so it felt like there was a tiny thread that linked the one show to the other, from my sister to I, when I walked into The Grog Shop this past Tuesday.

So for part 2, I went to check out the Brooklyn trio in my neck of the woods along with my frequent show-going comrade, Renee. I don’t have a nice camera like Ady’s (who is now affectionately referred to as “Lensie Lombago” or LL), so I decided to take just a few photos and spend the rest of the time really enjoying the set. Mr. Dream—they of great voices and nice heavy bass lines—warmed up the audience nicely for the other misters, Mister Heavenly. We chatted with the guys for a bit after their set and spoke of such things as the beloved “circle time rug” at the First Unitarian Church in Philly, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, hoagies, and books (speaking of which, their Literature Tour updates, including the hilarious/insightful entry about Chemical Pink, is a must read!). I also learned that my interview was answered as the band was packing for this very tour.

A handful of dates remain as they work their way from Montreal to their home turf in New York City so if they’re coming near you, yes, yes, check em out! If you’re discovering them here for the first time, tell them the Sisters sent you (and keep that little space/time defying thread going)!


Mr. Dream – Grog Shop, a set on Flickr.

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