Mr. Dream – First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia PA

Photos, Article and Review in Haiku by Ady | Interview by Shan

Most of the time I seek out my music, but I am intrigued and delighted when it seeks me. Friday night at the Unitarian Church of Philadelphia Mr. Dream did just that. Between a myriad of personal and profession obligations I still found myself at the altar of some raw punk rock n roll at the end of my day.

The band’s name Mr. Dream, which lends itself to speculation and extrapolation for their listeners was something on the forefront of my thoughts while I was photographing the set.

The Adam was kind enough to answer a few questions and take a few photos for Two Sisters. If they come through your town check them out, you’ll be happy you did. ~ Ady

Shan: You recently finished a bunch of shows at the CMJ Music Fest. How was that, and what is one memorable event that stands out, either onstage or off?

Mr. Dream: CMJ was a blast, we felt like the Beatles in Hamburg. The one event that stuck out was meeting Matt Pinfield. He has this superhuman enthusiasm for music, it’s really disarming.

Shan: What are some things that influence your music writing and lyrics that are specifically non-music related?

Mr. Dream: We’re all really into books. In fact, we have a tour book club that you can follow on the website.

Shan: Your name, how did it originate? And on that topic…dreams…what are they?

Mr. Dream: There’s not a lot to the name’s origin, it just stuck out on a list of band names. We felt like there was a dearth of bands with “Mr.” in their name. Now, three years later, there are probably too many.

I think we liked “dream” in the sense of “American Dream” or “my dream is to one day own a cajun-themed restaurant chain” rather than the rapid eye movement stuff.

Shan: You’re currently touring with another Mister…Mister Heavenly, on what I’ve seen referred to as the Mr. Mister tour. That’s a whole lotta Misters! What about us girls? What female artists are you into? If you covered one song written by a female, what would it be? (and would you change the lyrics or sing them faithfully?)

Mr. Dream: Honestly, at the moment I think we’ve been listening to more female artists (or at least female singers) than male. We’re big fans of Siouxsie Sioux, Kim Deal, Karen O, PJ Harvey, Elizabeth Fraser (of Cocteau Twins), Bjork and countless others.

We are thinking of getting inexcusably drunk at some point during the tour and covering “Into the Light” by Siouxsie & the Banshees.

Shan: If you were a super hero, what would your super hero name be, and what super power would you have?

Mr. Dream: That’s easy. Our super hero name would be Mr. Dream and our power would be convincing indie fans that rock music is still awesome.

View the full photo set of Mr. Dream First Uni Church, Philly PA via Flickr.


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