Big Audio Dynamite Live at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia

Today’s Song of the Day is another Two Sisters and a Show clip, but this time around it was one sister, one brother-in-law, one nephew, and one brother-in-law’s brother and a show, three long time fans, and one born and raised on BAD (nephew). I was hard pressed to stop and take photos or video because that meant standing still (tall order), but I did manage to do it for this one, at encore #1. An incredible show, and seeing Mick Jones live again for the second time in just under a year is something I never thought would happen, ever. Mick Jones: king of kings. Photos from this show are forthcoming in a future post.

I asked my nephew to give me five words to describe how he felt about the show. His reply: amazing, cool, awesome, and surprising . . . and . . . loud.

Big Audio Dynamite “The Bottom Line” live at The Electric Factory in Philadelphia, August 4, 2011:

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