Two Sisters review posted on FrankiesGun website

In tandem with the photos I posted yesterday, here is my review (written under the name of Ady’s and my Two Sisters and a Show entity) of the Rochester, New York show for our friends over at, a great site dedicated to The Felice Brothers. Check it out, it’s loaded with the photos and two videos I shot at the show, as well as the sole video to have popped up so far—taken by another audience member/fan,—of the epic “River Jordan,” aka the one where “the Guild was killed.” Thanks again to Sean, who is over there at the controls of, for sharing my review on his site.

By the way, if you’re not yet familiar with The Felice Brothers, you should poke around the rest of Sean’s site, it’s a great way to get your feet wet with their music, loads of other videos, photos and information about the band. Then go catch them live, they’re currently adding dates in the US (including Cleveland and Philadelphia and points in between and down south) through early November and in the UK through December. You’ll thank me if you do you know . . . ’cause without a doubt it’s the greatest show on earth!

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