Bright Eyes at Radio City Music Hall (March 8, 2011)

On Tuesday, March 8 and Wednesday, March 9, Ady and I attended the two back to back Bright Eyes performances at Radio City Music Hall—two fantastic shows, with the second being the strongest of the two…utterly amazing.

Images from the March 9th performance can be found on this post, Bright Eyes at RCMH March 9, along with a review, which will then be followed by the complete set (which is rather large), and will be posted on flickr. Check back over the next few days for the link to those, as well as a run down of our adventures in New York City, Radio City Music Hall and the performances.


  1. Yes! This was hands down in the top 2 concert experiences we’ve had! I was so hoping when we departed Tuesday afternoon that it would be in the top 5. It exceeded…. I had so much fun during those 48 hours!


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