Jim Bianco – Sing (live at the Purple Fiddle 2008)

Two Sisters and a Show hit Davis/Thomas, West Virginia! As all of us who attended this show have agreed that this show was one for the books and needs to be documented for posterity. It was a day of lots of driving, meeting up with new friends as close as Akron and as far away as Los Angeles, of highly charged music, fun, festivities, flashers (passers by, not performers or audience), broken guitar strings, mid-show trips back to the hotel to retrieve strings, stringing strings from antique guitars hung on the walls as decoration, technical difficulties that led to performances with mucho gusto, broken cameras, and hypnogogic imagery. Try topping that!

A few photos from the trip, and then I’ll start off the music with a little snippet of Jim Bianco and his fellow musicians, Brad Gordon (on trumpet) and Jason Pipkin (on drums) belting out the tunes (just a small window of the energy these guys had that night) on “Never Again.” After that, an unplugged version of “Sing.” If you ever get the chance to see Jim live, do! Besides being an accomplished musician he’s also part comedian and story teller, and a great time ye shall have, is guaranteed.