Joseph Arthur with Emily Wells – Black Lexus (live City Winery NYC September 2009)

FUN DOUBLE PLAY from Two Sisters and a Show! The first clip below was taken by Ady this past September at the City Winery in New York City, and the one below that was taken by the woman who sat across from us at our table. I suggest playing both videos at the same time (and syncing them up*, the second video has about 30 seconds at the start of Joe and Emily getting the loops set up) for a very unique viewing experience, indeed. As a side note, this is the show where we first learned of the amazing Emily Wells. One other thing we learned that night: stay away from the (overly delicious) Gavi wine!

*Edit: I’ve got it, set the top video to the 3 second mark, then drop to the bottom one and set to to the 53 second mark, press play on top, then on bottom, fiddle around to get it synced up precisely right, and let it roll!

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