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Joseph Arthur from Philly 11-19-16 to Akron 11-23-16

Joseph Arthur played the Tin Angel on 11-19-16 and it was timely for me. I haven’t been to a show in awhile and the in the midst of this post election crisis/haze/mess I really had no idea how badly I needed to get out. And doubly, how badly I needed it to be one of his shows.


Photo Credit: Shan

For the 11 days after the election I kept to myself, limiting my time in public mainly for not knowing where to find my people. I knew that going to the show would be good for me so I grabbed a ticket and made a plan to do something I knew I would enjoy. Being there was cathartic and it was necessary because it somewhat got me out of the post-election slump. (See why…check out The Campaign Song live from Tin Angel here.)

The Tin Angel show was the first show on his tour that I had been able to see since the June 3rd release of The Family. And by the way, the album is phenomenal if you haven’t heard it yet. You can find the info here. Several of the tracks have quickly taken to my favorites list like You Keep Hanging on, which has been running in my head on and off for days.

These two shows: Philly and Akron were both a beautiful combination of musical genius, showmanship and edginess that somehow he pulls off with a comedic twist. His personality can’t help but shine through whenever/wherever he plays. I know I’ve said it before, but I suspect this is because he so genuinely speaks his truth which is something I respect.

So, we fast forward a few days to my trip home for Thanksgiving. Home…Ohio… for both Joe and Sis Diss. For four consecutive years now Shan and I made it to the Thanksgiving Eve show at The Tangier in Akron, Ohio (click here to find some of our previous posts). Of course the show was every bit entertaining as the one I had gone to just days before. It does feel different to see a home show than it does to see a Philly show or a NYC show. And trust me when I say I’ve seen him play in all these places so many times I’ve lost my count! But, I think being “home” brings out different qualities in us all, and I don’t think there is an exception to this rule even for rock stars. So it is always fun to be able to share in the hometown experience.

I wondered what it would be like seeing him play shows a few days apart. Would it be the same? Would the set list vary?  How would it be different? But of course his chameleon-like ability to change up any song arrangement making you feel like it’s the first time you’ve ever heard it made the two shows feel like completely separate spaces in time for me.


Photo Credit: Shan

As a side note can I just say that when I was searching for the Philly set list I came across a youtube video from a Milwaukee show in September where he covers Prince’s When Doves Cry. I would have loved to have seen that one live for myself-wow. His vocal range has always been perplexing to me. Just when you think he can’t get any higher he can, or any lower he does, and with pitch perfect accuracy. Truly a gift. Add his live painting on stage to his musical talent and he never ceases to blow my mind. I can sincerely say that each time I leave one of his shows I always walk out with a sense of admiration.

But can I just share a quick regret coupled with an apology for the iPhone photos (in spite of the missing camera somehow Shan managed to finesse an iPhone camera in ways I can’t-thank you for that Shan). I didn’t have my “real” camera with me at either show this past month sigh. Maybe January 1 in NYC I’ll get to fix that at the City Winery show. I just might be there with my camera and some hope for 2017.

~Ady O

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The Morelings WXPN The Key Studio Session

If you’ve followed Sisters Dissonance adventures over the years you are aware that we have had some amazing experiences doing what we do. The Morelings WXPN The Key Studio session was no exception. On 2-6-16 I had the opportunity to photograph their performance while they did a live set.

I have been to the WXPN venue many times hanging around and photographing shows. But this was my first time in The Key Studio. It is great! The walls leading into the studio are signed by all the names of the bands who’ve walked the halls and played the stage there, adding to the ambiance which is timeless and very cool. The studio session sounded amazing from where I listened in the recording booth with John Vettese (yes! I got to meet and kinda hang out with John Vettese.  He’s as cool as you’d imagine). The dreamy ethereal sounds combined with stormy visuals created a session that only The Morelings could bring to WXPN. Trust me, you don’t want to miss the live broadcast of the show — 3/15 at 9pm EST on 88.5 FM, or on the web at While you listen live you can view the photo set here.

On Thursday you can find The Morelings live at a WXPN curated, Red Bull Sound Select sponsored show at The Foundry at The Fillmore opening for Good Old War and Gabriel Garzon Montano.

The link on Facebook is here: 

You can RSVP for $3 advance tickets



The Morelings Johnny Brendas Philadelphia 9-24-15

morelings-s-552The Morelings, a Philadelphia foursome comprised of Kedra Caroline (vocals, bass)  Matthew William (guitar) Shawn Riley (drums) and Jake Detwiler (keys, bass, guitar) played at Johnny Brendas this past week on 9-24-15.

Being able to have creative freedom behind the camera lens for The Morelings is such an honor. The dreamy, electric swirl of sound that Matt, Shawn and Jake’s instruments create along side the always stunning, smokey-smooth dreamy voice of Kedra is truly thrilling to hear. I found myself during the show at a few points with my camera at my side, taking in the sounds and the scene- forgetting my mission to capture the night because I was drawn in.  It was a unique photography moment for me, the mix up of sound, the visuals, and the lights all creating a cocoon of musical magic and I didn’t want to miss it all while behind the lens. But I did get shots, phew! You can see them here.

The Morelings opened with Before and ended with Same Century. They played a set full of mostly new material except No Sign from the previously released EP, which you can hear by clicking here. And one last link to check out to their New Order cover of Lonesome Tonight .

I hear that they have been working on an album since June, I hope to see that sometime soon. So, keep your eyes and ears on the look out for more to come including a Q & A of the band with Sisters Dissonance.