The Morelings Johnny Brendas Philadelphia 9-24-15

morelings-s-552The Morelings, a Philadelphia foursome comprised of Kedra Caroline (vocals, bass)  Matthew William (guitar) Shawn Riley (drums) and Jake Detwiler (keys, bass, guitar) played at Johnny Brendas this past week on 9-24-15.

Being able to have creative freedom behind the camera lens for The Morelings is such an honor. The dreamy, electric swirl of sound that Matt, Shawn and Jake’s instruments create along side the always stunning, smokey-smooth dreamy voice of Kedra is truly thrilling to hear. I found myself during the show at a few points with my camera at my side, taking in the sounds and the scene- forgetting my mission to capture the night because I was drawn in.  It was a unique photography moment for me, the mix up of sound, the visuals, and the lights all creating a cocoon of musical magic and I didn’t want to miss it all while behind the lens. But I did get shots, phew! You can see them here.

The Morelings opened with Before and ended with Same Century. They played a set full of mostly new material except No Sign from the previously released EP, which you can hear by clicking here. And one last link to check out to their New Order cover of Lonesome Tonight .

I hear that they have been working on an album since June, I hope to see that sometime soon. So, keep your eyes and ears on the look out for more to come including a Q & A of the band with Sisters Dissonance.


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