Desaparecidos 2/23/13 Philadelphia Union Transfer

Sisters Dissonance pulled it off again, we managed to get together despite 412 miles of Interstate between us. Shan traveled with our friend Cindy (Cindy’s amount of interstate was much more, like 600 miles) to catch the Desa show at Union Transfer in Philly this past Saturday night. For those of you familiar with the venue, you know it’s always a treat to see a show there—never a bad seat and the sound is always great.

Seeing the opener Joyce Manor was a first time experience for me. I did enjoy the energy and their sounds. But, from the pit taking photos (see the photo set here) I had to laugh, I’ve never seen so many fans body surf across the crowd, land on security and then make their way back to the crowd via the pit. That’s quite a testament to the security staff at Union Transfer—I didn’t see anyone ejected, just fans safely recovered from the surf and returned to the crowd! Go UT.

Desa came on and I was truly excited. It’s always hard to photograph a set of a band that I absolutely love. I get caught in between wanting to watch and listen, and having to take pictures. It’s nearly impossible to do the both with full intention, but I try (see the photo set  here).

Conor never disappoints with his “speeches” as the fans call them. I’ve seen a few surface on youtube.  He spoke and sang in protest (or support) of many current issues/causes. A banner and a speech about Bradley Manning was the biggest of the evening, if you aren’t aware of the issue or who he is I encourage you to check it out. And, though as ironic as it may seem for someone to sing about the lesser fortunate, and MAKING MONEY when they have so much, it’s very heartfelt and believable coming from Conor Oberst and I do believe he reaches the audience and creates awareness.

The night ended with “Spanish Bombs,” a Clash cover which I’m sure pleased and made Shan very happy (if you don’t know, the Clash is her first love). And on a side note, the venue was probably 70% guys as opposed to the Bright Eyes shows I’ve seen where the females dominate the crowd!

Enjoy the photo set. I write this post as I lament over the fact that I will not be attending tonight’s show despite the ticket I have upstairs in my room.




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