Splintered Sunlight August 24, 2012 The Queen

Guest Review for the Splintered Sunlight show by “AFAN”

Philadelphia-based Splintered Sunlight, arguably the Atlantic Coast’s best Grateful Dead tribute band, rocked Wilmington’s historic The Queen theatre on Friday with impeccable sonic grooves straight outta the Dead catalogue – just close your eyes and you are there, man.  Dan Leyden’s guitar is clean, signature Bob Weir, and his voice almost indistinguishable from Weir’s, while Butchy Sochorow’s Jerry is so spot on it brings chills even to Dead afficiandos – who come out in droves to see Sunlight and get taken back to the good old days.  I dare anyone to play Sunlight’s “Queen Jane” or “Feel Like a Stranger” to a real Dead fan and see what they think.  Stephen Spatz’s Phil Lesh is amazing, and Mike Borowski’s keyboards drone and drive just like Pigpen’s.  Jerry Horan and Tony Gioia rock TWO drum kits on stage.  These guys are awesome.      

You can view the full photo set here.


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