Sisters Dissonance bringing Mondo Instante to the 2012 Newport Folk Festival

If you follow my collaborative projects blog, Mental Beans! you may already be participating in the now well established photography project, Mondo Instante. If not and you are just learning about it, read on for more information, and please consider joining in!

Veterans of the MI project, you know what to do! Look below for the date and the time specific to your time zone to find out when you need to take your photo and submission information.

Sisters Dissonance will be hosting the next Mondo Instante event which is scheduled to take place while Ady and I are at the Newport Folk Festival in Newport, Rhode Island at the end of this month. We are asking festival goers to join current MI participants for this round.

If you are joining us via an invitation you received while at the Newport Folk Festival

Welcome and thank you for looking further into this project! We hope you will join in by taking a photo at the predetermined date and time, and submit it to be included in the Mondo Instante 19 online photo exhibition. Instructions how to participate follow, but first a little bit of background on the project:

Mondo Instante (MI) is a global photography experiment that has been running monthly since October of 2010. It is a synchronized, time-specific global photography event that only lasts only one minute.

When an event is announced, the date and time is given in UTC time and is then converted for local times for it’s participants all around the world. At the specified MI event time, participants take a photo of where they are/what they are doing or seeing at that exact moment. Photos can be pre-planned, or they can be totally off the cuff (often much more fun!).

The idea is to create, for just a brief moment in time, little windows into each of the lives of the participants, who are located all around the world. The photo taking and subsequent viewing is great fun, but just as captivating is that feeling of unity, however brief, that is caused by the simultaneous anticipation that comes with taking part in a coordinated global event. For more information including background information on the project’s origins, visit the Mondo Instante information page on this site, and give a Like on the Mental Beans! Facebook page to keep up to date on MI announcements and events.

Mondo Instante 19 – Get your cameras ready! Spread the word!

Mondo Instante 19 EVENT: Sunday July 29, 2012 18:00:00 UTC

Time zone breakdown:

Please take your photo between 2:00 and 2:01 PM SUNDAY JULY 29, 2012

  • Tel Aviv Israel | Helsinki Finland 9 PM IDT
  • Rome Italy | Belgrade Serbia | Vienna Austria | Barcelona Spain | Stockholm Sweden 8 PM CEST
  • England | Scotland | Northern Ireland 8 PM BST
  • Buenos Aires Argentina 3 PM ART
  • EST U.S.A. & CANADA | NEWPORT, RI NYC, Cleveland, Toronto, Detroit 2 PM EDT
  • CST USA & CANADA | Lafayette, St. Louis, Minneapolis, San Antonio 1PM CDT
  • MST USA & CANADA | Denver, Calgary 12 PM MDT
  • PST USA | Seattle, Las Vegas, San Diego 11 AM PDT

Monday, July 30, 2012

  • Auckland New Zealand 6 AM NZST
  • Melbourne Australia – Victoria 4 AM EST

Submission Information

Please include your name (first, first/last, or whatever you are called) and a sentence or two about your photo. Please include your location (Newport Folk Festival attendees can simply state NFF). If possible submit images as a 72dpi image at about 600×800.
Photo submission deadline: Friday, August 3, 2012
Send photos to: mentalbeans [at] tuliptreestudios dot com
Images from past Mondo Instante events

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

header photo: Guitar by Kara for MI6 Wednesday, March 9, 2011 7:30 pm UTC

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