Drake Bell live at The Grog Shop Cleveland Heights, Ohio (photo set)



The ever expanding saga of Two Sisters and a Show, this time with a twist. It’s . . . two sisters and two daughters/nieces, and two sons/nephews in tow! The six of us had a great evening starting at the essential Tommy’s restaurant on Coventry (Brownie Monster!), followed by the much looked forward to 30 minute getting-lost-amongst-delightfully-bizarre-treasures session in Big Fun.

It was then time to make our way to The Grog Shop to top off the evening with a truly enjoyable acoustic set by Drake Bell. The kids were at full attention as that oh so familiar face—which over the years they have come to know via his comedic side as well as his music—arrived on stage, accompanied by another guitarist, Andy Alt, and Will Herrington on keys.

The audience demographic was wildly and nicely varied and Bell showed his musical chops via his own songwriting as well as giving us an accomplished tribute to the Beatles as he covered of a portion of the Abbey Road medley (Mean Mr. Mustard/Polyethene Pam/She Came in Through the Bathroom Window/Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight), and a very beautiful solo version of “Blackbird.” It was great to see our kids get excited by the covers (they are well versed already!), and for those in the audience not yet familiar, Bell did a great job presenting such a unique yet classic representation of the Beatles that will hopefully broaden the musical horizons of the younger set in the audience.

Ady and I are both excited to have been able to introduce the kids to the world of live music via an artist that is genuine, talented and incredibly gracious, and to watch them be as inspired by music as much as we are. Music heads in the making.

View the full Drake Bell live at The Grog Shop Cleveland Heights, Ohio photo set on Flickr

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