The Felice Brothers at Mr. Smalls Theater (Pittsburgh, PA 9-21-2011)

Here is the photo set from last night’s show at Mr. Smalls Funhouse in Millvale, PA. A camera fail left me with only a camera phone for these. That combined with the lighting made for some pretty interesting outcomes.

Two Sis’ adopted sister Renee was with me for an evening of tamales, beer and tequila and her first Felice Brother show as we celebrated her birthday. The guys sounded great, “Loser Takes All” was unleashed (loving that track as well as the rest from the Poughkeepsie Princess EP so much!), we were treated to a beautiful arrangement of “Boy From Lawrence County” and a crazy fun “Run Chicken Run” to name a few. Looking forward to a couple more shows we’ll be catching during this tour (which kicked off last night), one of which Ady and I will attend together.

View the full Felice Brothers Pittsburgh, PA 9-21-2011 set on Flickr.

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