Daytrotter’s Barnstormer 5: Akron, Ohio

It’s locusts’ last stand!
Foggy field explodes with song
from pine-board boombox

So the good fellas at Daytrotter rolled into sunny, hazy Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Akron yesterday and proceeded to roll out five bands—Wildlife and Doug Paisley (both of Toronto), Princeton (Los Angeles), White Rabbits (Brooklyn via Missouri)  and Hacienda (San Antonio), all distinct in their own sound, all equally impressive—that made for a killer 4+ hour show. They knocked the socks off the crickets and the locusts, and the human audience, too. Sean Moeller and co. hosted Barnstormer 5 in the beautiful centurian barn at the Conrad Botzum Farmstead, and it was smooth sailing, great sound and great people all night long. If you are anywhere near where the ‘Storm is headed (three dates left, tonight in Dexter, MI then on to Monticello, IL and Maquoketa, IA before it’s over), don’t walk, run! And make sure it’s toward it that you are running.

Hacienda at Barnstormer 5, Akron, Ohio


Click here to view Daytrotter: Barnstormer5 Akron, OH photo set on Flickr.

~ Review in Haiku by Shan

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