Dial-a-concert: Joseph Arthur at Tin Angel, Philadelphia, PA

So I was at a concert last night, except I wasn’t really. My sister was, and she decided to give me a call during the show. Not to talk over the performance, not to give me the low down, but to set the phone down so I could listen. I put mine on mute, defied the constraints of time and distance and attended a show 8 hours away in Philadelphia at Tin Angel. Two Sisters and a Show 21 century style. He played one of my favorites, “Devil’s Broom,” and Adrienne filmed it, along with a few others. So, now I get to see what I was hearing live. From what she told me, he was joined on stage by Kraig Jarret Johnson (member of the Jayhawks and one of Joseph Arthur’s Lonely Astronauts), who I had seen perform with Joseph Arthur with the rest of the Lonely Astronauts in 2008. Here’s footage of the same song from both performances.

Joseph Arthur with Kraig Jarret Johnson, “Devil’s Broom”
Tin Angel, Philadelphia PA, January 21, 2011 (video filmed by Adrienne)

Joseph Arthur and the Lonely Astronauts (in full Halloween garb) “Devil’s Broom”
Musica, Akron, OH, October 31, 2008 (video filmed by me)
(l-r: Jen Turner—sporting a wonderfully outrageous wig, G. Wiz, Joseph Arthur, Sibyl Buck, Kraig Jarret Johnson)

And a little extra encore . . .

Joseph Arthur “In the Sun”
Post show at the merch table, Tin Angel, Philadelphia PA, January 21, 2011 (video filmed by Adrienne)

There are some other Joseph Arthur live concert footage clips, as well as other live performances (Gorillaz, Wilco) taken by Adrienne (or official blog concert videographer) and parked on her youtube channel, which has become the official blog concert footage home for Tulip Tree Presents.