This blog has been hijacked by Gorillaz!

Due to some incredible string of events, the regularly scheduled events and features of this blog have been put on hold for several days, thanks to Gorillaz landing on the shores of America. I’ve been part of a whirlwind weekend of Gorillaz activity and events starting with the unexpected and very welcomed luck of my sister winning us tickets to the taping of their performance for a webcast via the David Letterman show this past Thursday. If that was not lucky enough in itself, we also managed to score two of the best seats in the house, front row and center stage. I’m still out and about on the road having returned from New York City and Gorillaz Madison Square Garden show last night, with another show on the immediate horizon, but I have much to share about this experience. As it relates to the Clash and the inclusion of Mick Jones and Paul Simonon as permanent members of the band for this tour I will be preparing something for Tim over at the Clash blog early this coming week. As it relates to the grand scale of collaboration and the immense package of creative energy that is Damon Albarn, Jamie Hewlett and the rest of Gorillaz, I’ll be posting more here also later this week.

For now here is an image taken by me from our vantage point for most of the show (eventually it would be from the stage itself as Damon issued an impromptu invitation for a hootenanny during “Clint Eastwood” at the end of the show). Figuring out how to return to normal life after that one. I’ll be back to share as much of the experience as I can in words (wondering if that’s possible?) and images very soon. The only words that come to mind at this moment: “Man, all I want to do is . . . dance!!!”

If you missed it when it streamed live, here is the link to the (mind boggling) performance: Gorillaz Live on Letterman.