Album of the Week: The Cuban Heels (Friday: She’s On Fire/Sounds)

Happy Friday everyone, I’ll return to the blog later this weekend with some gibberish or another, so until then if you’re looking for a little fix, here are two more tracks from The Cuban Heels. If you scroll back through the week, you’ll have 10 of the 17 songs from their self titled album at your fingertips (literally!) Listen, enjoy, and stop back soon!

She’s On Fire (the song that climbed the indie charts in the UK, sans any record label backing, back when the Heels were in operation)

Sounds (final track on The Cuban Heels self-titled cd)

Massive thanks again to Chris Venables, and the rest of the Heels, for the generosity with their music, and I thank Chris for allowing me to freely share the tracks that have been posted this week! I hope you’ve been listening and enjoying, and if you have, take a second to drop a comment here and thank him yourself !