Deer Tick

Photos | Deer Tick at the 2012 Newport Folk Festival

Amazing set by Deer Tick live at the Quad Stage at the 2012 Newport Folk Festival on Saturday, July 27, 2012.

More photos can be found via the Deer Tick 2012 Newport Folk Festival photo set on Flickr (all photos by Ady).

Impressions of the Newport Folk Festival (An Alphabetical Memoir)


is for the Abandoned pair of shoes we found along Thames Street


is for the Backstage BBQ going down in a storm . . .

. . . only to rise again! Unplugged but still so powerful


is for the Cameras on sticks


is for the water Dumping down Ady’s back!


is for the solid Everywhere-man Taylor Goldsmith (Dawes) who was spotted . . . everywhere!


is for the vibrant music playing with the historic Fort Adams as its backdrop


is for the Guthrie Family and the celebration of Woody Guthrie’s 100th birthday


is for the Heat and Humidity


is for Irie!


is for the friendly stranger who strolled over to chat with us, and turned out to be Jackson Browne
(and for the omelette that was named after him)


is for all the fun we had with Kristi! And for the beautiful souvenirs she made for us


is for the Love of music


is for Deer Tick’s explosive cover of Lennon’s “Mother


is for, what else! the legendary Newport Folk Festival and the Newport Festivals Foundation that supports it


is for Conor Oberst and Friends’ mind-bending performance at Jane Pickens Theater


is for the Passageways leading from one stage to the next


is for the lightning Quick entrance by Conor Oberst to join First Aid Kit for “King of the World”


is for Rip Roaring amounts of fun and entertainment for days on end


is for Jay Sweet. Thank you and the rest of your crew for making the NFF so folking amazing for all of us!



is for the (dog, not deer) Tick that stowed away home with us, only to be discovered and dumped along the way in a parking lot in somewhere in New York state.


is for the rumored Unicorn head at the festival that turned up at First Aid Kit’s set (see Kristi’s photo for proof!)


is for Ben Brodin’s ethereal Vibraphone at Jane Pickens Theater


is for the spectacular Weekend kickoff with Wilco’s “Christ for President”


is for the acoustic cover of InXs’ “Never Tear Us Apart” led by Jim James at the Backstage BBQ


is for the countdown to the 2013 NFF. See you next Year!


is for the lack of Zzzzzzz’s, but who cares! We were at the 2012 Newport Folk Festival!

Adieu sweet festival, until we meet again!

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Dear Newport Folk Festival, We’ve got a thing for you.

I wasn’t kidding when I tweeted the other day that I couldn’t stop thinking about the Newport Folk Festival after it was all over. There is absolutely no dissonance within the sisters’ opinions here, we both agree the festival brought out the best in every single person that was involved—both on stage and off, behind the scenes and out front watching in a spectator capacity. A total and complete love of the creation, expression and soaking in of music dominated, and the air in Newport was thick with a feeling of good will and love toward one another, which no doubt stems from and is encouraged by those who are behind the festival itself. The love shared is a two way street at the Newport Folk Festival. The fans and the bands love the Newport Folk Festival, and the Festival loves right back.

We are just about ready to release a whole slew of photos from this legendary event, including Deer Tick, First Aid Kit, Jonny Corndawg, Apache Relay and many many more. Stay dialed in to the SisDiss channel for that as well as a recap of our experiences there as we share the love.

Johnny Corndawg, Quad Stage


John McCauley/Deer Tick, Quad Stage


First Aid Kit, Harbor Stage